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The dinosaur, of course :P

Evolutionary jokes aside, let's move on to evolutionary seriousness. This is an age-old dilemma that implies uncertainty of the origin of life as well as a literal meaning.

Eggs first evolved with the evolution of reptiles, around 320 million years ago. So eggs themselves appeared first.

But chickens as a species only evolved relatively recently. They were bred by humans to produce offspring that appeared differently (artificial selection), which further muddled the species. But as evolution arises from mutations that occur, the DNA located in eggs may change all the time. So in fact chickens are constantly re-evolving on a small scale.

So this question can have many answers attached to it. Perhaps it may be best to leave this open for further contributors to answer. :) Styracosaurus Rider (Speak to the Rider, your Lord and Master) {Look upon my servants} 16:05, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

If referring specifically to chicken eggs- the creature which almost-was but was not-quite-chicken, a jungle fowl, gave birth to an egg containing a future creature-that-was-a-chicken. So the egg came first. HolbenilordTalk 17:20, November 13, 2011 (UTC)